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Case study


Behind the Banyan Tree

From its origins on the site of an abandoned tin mine to a growing global chain of spas and resorts

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Oh, behave! Why the AIIB can be a win for China and Asia

The new Beijing-led Asian insfrastructure bank must emphasise good governance and transparency says NUS Professor Joseph Cherian.


Understanding behaviours to address urban challenges

Understanding what drives consumer actions is key to sustainable urban planning and growth says NUS Professor Sumit Agarwal.



Eight elements that make a top Asian business leader

Adopt a roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-stuck-in approach, says the president of Kimberly-Clark Asia.


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Brands and the value of sport sponsorhip

Sports sponsorships can go beyond profits and product preferences to create lasting social impact for brands, says Professor Leonard Lee.


Cutting through the clutter in corporate governance

The spiralling agenda for corporate governance is becoming crowded, causing congestion serves only to distract the board from its purpose.


Muddy Waters and a changing landscape of corporate governance

Associate Professor Lawrence Loh on the impact of a new generation of data-driven whistle blowers.

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An HR strategy for service excellence: Five pointers from SIA

Professor Jochen Wirtz looks at lessons from Singapore Airlines' approach to hiring and its single-minded focus on the customer.


Cause and effect: Why proximity matters in product effectiveness

Associate Professor Xiuping Li looks at how consumers judge a product's effectiveness from marketing materials like adverts.


In banking compliance, one size doesn't fit all

Why imposing rules and frameworks that originate from different economic contexts may not be relevant or even desirable in the Asian context.

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Management succession: Building a sustainable talent pipeline

Six proactive talent strategies for organisations to build a sustainable leadership succession pipeline.


Driving growth in sustainable tourism: The Banyan Tree story

'Do well and do good' has guided the growth of Banyan Tree, from a former tin mine in Phuket to a global chain of award-winning destination resorts.



What's slowing the global economy?

A slump in US manufacturing and a strengthening dollar are putting the brakes on growth, with the impact already being felt in Asia.


A survival guide for SMEs

SMEs suffer from a high mortality rate - Associate Professor Nitin Pangarkar looks at strategies that improve the odds of survival.


A change of path for Singapore Airlines

With the rise of upstart competitors bringing new challenges in the aviation industry, what can SIA do to maintain its leading position?