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Family Business in Focus


Blinded by the son

When it comes to succession it is rare that children turn out to be younger copies of successful founders, says NUS professor Marlene Dieleman.

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A proactive path to clean air

Combatting the haze choking much of South-East Asia requires a system-wide approach to target the root causes, says Associate Professor Lawrence Loh.


Taking us for a ride: The fallout from VW’s emissions cover-up

The deliberate deceit in the Volkswagen engine emissions scandal causes shockwaves well beyond Germany and the auto industry.


The rise and fall of Angry Birds: Falling fowl of success

As mobile game maker Rovio cuts staff and ambitions, what went wrong with the once mighty Angry Birds brand?


The VW-Suzuki breakup: Beware the 'perfect' partner

The failed alliance between Suzuki and VW offers lessons in building an effective partnership well beyond the car industry.


'Cataclysmic change': Banking in an era of disruption

Piyush Gupta, CEO of Singapore's DBS Bank, on the technology-driven changes that are shaking the banking industry.



How air pollution impacts workplace behaviour

While the direct physiological impact of pollution is often apparent, less known is the psychological effect it has on our behaviour.


How accepting errors can raise your firm’s performance

Professor Michael Frese on how employing a culture of error management as well as prevention can help firms gain a competitive edge.


Six steps to effective error management

How an open error management culture can improve your organisation's capacity for innovation.

'In uncertain times, think long-term'

President of Indonesian conglomerate Astra International on firm's plans to 'weather the storm' of a slowing economy.



Hirer beware: Relating personality to job performance

Recruiters often view stability and conscientiousness as desirable personality traits, but can you have too much of a good thing?


Hungry ghosts and home prices

NUS Professors Sumit Agarwal and Sing Tien Foo on the impact of superstition on Singapore home sales.


The character of leadership

Effective leaders relate to and build bonds with those they lead, and they must be likeable, says chairman of DBS bank Peter Seah.