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Zheng He's Art of Collaboration

The legendary Chinese admiral and his lessons for leadership

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Grooming the next generation of Asian financial leaders

What's needed to build financial leaders who can represent the interests of Asian markets.


A change of path for Singapore Airlines

With the rise of upstart competitors bringing new challenges in the aviation industry, what can SIA do to maintain its leading position?


Megatrends: The big picture changes shaping India's future

Understanding the big but gradual changes that are transforming India's political economy.



Currency wars: The new fault lines in a globalising world

Former head of India's central bank on the impact of easy money unleashed in the wake of the financial crisis.


Creating climate wealth: The 'gigaton' effect

The Carbon War Room's Creating Climate Wealth summit in Singapore looks at business solutions to tackle climate change.



Why diversity in the boardroom matters for business

Report shows strong link between board diversity and business results, but Singapore contines to lag behind regional peers.


The impact of superstition: Writing on the wall

Superstitions might seem a harmless quirk, but when they start to affect asset prices they have an impact on national development and welfare.


Alibaba’s New York IPO: A watershed for China and a wake-up call for Asia

Chinese e-commerce giant picks NYSE for its mega-IPO - set to be one of the largest in history. What does this mean for Asian markets?



The Volcker Rule‘s unintended consequences

A key US regulation intended to reduce bank risk-taking has in fact only shifted banking speculation to other areas, says Associate Professor Jussi Keppo.


The power of the humble CEO

Being humble doesn't mean being weak. In fact bosses who empower their employees, and are open to feedback often deliver the best results.


Central banking after the crisis: The challenges ahead

Dr Duvvuri Subbarao, former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, examines the failures of central banks that led to the global financial crisis and the lessons for moving forward.


Effective referral reward programmes in the digital era

With a growing number of firms offering "refer a friend" promotions online, understanding how conumers view and react to them is essential for building effective programmes.