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Zheng He's Art of Collaboration

The legendary Chinese admiral and his lessons for leadership

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Effective referral reward programmes in the digital era

With a growing number of firms offering "refer a friend" promotions online, understanding how conumers view and react to them is essential for building effective programmes.


Boards hijacked by corporate governance

Associate Professor Lawrence Loh says boards must not lose sight of business and strategy as they work to enhance corporate governance.


Leading growth in a family business: Learning from Eu Yan Sang

Richard Eu, CEO of traditional Chinese medicine retailer Eu Yan Sang, on the challenges of leading and growing a family business.



Vulnerable leaders: Building strength by being humble

New economic challenges demand open and inclusive leaders with a willingness to express their vulnerability.


So you want to work for Google?

Google's head of human resources for Asia-Pacific on the essence of Googly-ness and the secrets behind the firm's success.


What direction for India's economy?

Despite its troubles, India is not headed for a repeat of its 1991 crisis, the country's former central bank governor tells Think Business.



The dollar’s dominance: Here to stay

Why the financial crisis, which began in the US, has paradoxically ended up strengthening the US dollar's status.



Getting a slice of the 'Chindia' pie

Professor Jagdish Sheth of Emory University discusses marketing strategies to succeed in the fast-growing economies of China and India.



Women in finance: Insight on getting to the top

Leading women from the financial world give their take on achieving career success in an industry often seen as dominated by men.



Building resilience: Surviving and thriving through adversity

Experiencing setbacks and unexpected hurdles - and learning from them - is vital for organisations and individuals.


Emerging Myanmar: Risk versus reward

What does the pace and progress of refom in Myanmar mean for doing business in one of the world's last untapped markets?



Leadership to deliver 'the best'

Daimler Financial Services' CEO on leading a global auto business to deliver "nothing but the best".