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Does it pay to be a jerk at work?

NUS Business School faculty weigh in on whether you need to be a jerk to succeed.

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Employees who take advantage of flexible work time to start work later may be unwittingly risking their career prospects.


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Family fims often take on growth strategies that are unduly risky in their own right or are unrelated to their core competence.

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Love at first sight? Understanding how we judge beauty

Research finds that who - or what - we see as 'hot' is a constantly moving target, with wide ranging implications for marketers.


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Stress at home can easily hit job performance, but few employers take time to understand how family incivility affects employees.


Surviving the fallout from family feuds

For family firms the greatest business risk is not currency fluctuations, access to capital, nor even an economic crisis. It is family conflict.


The unfinished business of corporate governance

Singapore prides itself as being one of the best places in the world to do business, but sustaining this demands a strong foundation of corporate governance.


A question of succession: Passing the baton in family business

In emerging Asian economies the question of leadership succession has significant implications for firm strategy and performance.


Business with a broader purpose

Associate Professor Audrey Chia says ethics must play a central role in the education of future leaders, building businesses with a social conscience


Pollution and stock prices: A matter of perception

With China regularly experiencing some of the most polluted air on the planet, what impact does this have on investors and why?


A proactive path to clean air

Combatting the haze choking much of South-East Asia requires a system-wide approach to target the root causes, says Associate Professor Lawrence Loh.


The rise and fall of Angry Birds: Falling fowl of success

As mobile game maker Rovio cuts staff and ambitions, what went wrong with the once mighty Angry Birds brand?


The entrepreneurship X factor: An angel's view

Serial entrepreneur and adjunct professor Ike Lee on what it takes to build a new Silicon Valley in Asia.